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«V-Express» – is a comfortable hotels for our guests.
Moscow International Airport Sheremetyevo invites its guests to stay in a new Capsule Hotels «V-Express». The modern Hotels «V-Express» is located on 5th level of Aeroexpress terminal.
Comfortable economy, business and first class rooms are at your service. These rooms include everything that you need for having a rest, recovering your strength and flying in a good mood.

Modern design
«V-Express» - is a hotels at Sheremetyevo, built on the basis of European Capsule Hotels.
Primary difference from Japanese analogue is that rooms of «V-Express» Hotels not so much look like capsules as resemble cabins of cruise liner. To stay in such room is unalloyed pleasure- soft lighting, exquisite interior in light colors make you feel lightness and comfort.

Beautiful view from the window
Capsule Hotels at Sheremetyevo gives a nice opportunity to pass the time before a flight. Designers of a Hotels complex took care that everything in the room was maximum comfortable and caused only positive emotions. Rooms in one part of a Hotels at Sheremetyevo have a beautiful land view. Rooms in other part designed in such way that nonexistence of windows in no case affected the comfortable staying of the guests. Rooms designed in light colors due to which it is created a feeling of light and airiness.

Access to Internet
Our Hotels at Sheremetyevo provides not only with opportunity to have a rest, but also to dispatch of current business. Every room is equipped with internet access. When waiting you may check your e-mail, continue business messaging or communicate with friends.

Access to Internet
One of the advantages which differs a Hotels at Sheremetyevo from others is its security guarantees. Capsule Hotels- Hotels at Sheremetyevo Airport is equipped with reliable security system- all room doors are equipped with electronic locks with keys which programmed individually for each guest. Sheremetyevo Airport guarantees that all your things will be kept in safe.

Cost efficiency
New format of Capsule Hotels at Sheremetyevo Airport based on optimum combination of comfort and availability of hotels service. The concept of Capsule Hotels ideally suited for such big traffic centers as Sheremetyevo Airport, because the hotels includes adequate number of rooms located within a small space. Capsule Hotels «V-Express» –a Hotels at Sheremetyevo is completed with the comfortable rooms, which equipped with the individual WC, telephone and Internet access. Standard service package includes everything that required for making the short-term rest better.
Such approach allows us to settle the negotiable payment for service.
For finding out the price for a room, you can check out the website of our Hotels at Sheremetyevo. On our website you can find hotels room rates: prices depend on room class and accommodation time. In case of prolonged staying it is used the hourly payment, you can see all information about it on the website of our Capsule Hotels «V-Express» - a Hotels at Sheremetyevo.

How to order our service?
All required information about Capsule Hotels presented on the website of Hotels at Sheremetyevo. Here presented all detailed information about Capsule Hotels at Sheremetyevo. Accommodation price-list, address and Hotels location map are presented on the website.
You can contact us at any time and order the room in a Hotels by telephone: 8-800-550-02-42, +7(495)788-35-02.


Capsule Hotel ‛V-Express‛ is ready to cooperate with travel companies, as well as agencies selling the airline tickets. We can offer a special corporate sale program for our partners. We prepared a special proposal for airlines. You can find more detailed information on webpage cooperation cooperation.

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